9. One-off Day Visits

9.1 Introduction

Visits which are a one-off experience require additional planning considerations.

9.2 Approval

Approval for One-off Day Visits is the responsibility of the Head of Establishment. 

9.3 Visit Plans

The Visit Leader is responsible for completing a Visit Plan for a One-off Day Visit. The Visit Plan should outline who is to do what, and when.

9.4 Risk Assessment

It is the responsibility of the Visit Leader to prepare a specific risk assessment for a One-off Day Visit. Visit Leaders are responsible for recording significant and foreseeable risks specific to their visit.

9.5 Information for Parents / Parental Consent

For One-off Day Visits specific information has to be provided to parents.

9.6 Emergency Details

Visit Leaders should ensure that they carry up-to-date information for all participants.

9.7 First Aid and Medical Facilities

Heads of Establishment and Visit Leaders need to take various factors into account when deciding the level of first aid provision that is required on a One-off Day Visit.


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The content of this guidance is in line with advice from the Health and Safety Executive and has been developed in partnership with Education Scotland.